Suggestions for Men:

Suits are great. Gray and Navy Blue come out exquisitely. With the suit, one that doesn't bunch up too much when buttoned or when sitting is best, and try and match your shirt and tie to it.

Keep patterns on shirts and suits to a minimum, especially small ones like tiny squares or herringbone. The smaller the pattern, the more it creates a blurring, moire effect, which can be off-putting to the eye. Patterned lines are fine if they are further apart.

Keep bold colors to a minimum for both suit and shirt. They really take over the picture and can also reflect poorly onto the subject. Tie color should fall in between shirt and suit color. So if the suit is dark gray and the shirt is light blue, the tie color should fall in between. Ties shouldn't be shiny or have a sheen to them.

If you're wearing a button-down shirt without a tie, it's best NOT to wear a white shirt. Without the tie, white shirts lose detail very easily in the picture. Also, if you're not wearing a jacket, keep the shirt color darker or wear another layer like a v-neck sweater. If you choose to just wear the shirt, unbutton it a bit so there's some contrast.

Suggestions for Women

Choose a classic look in a professional suit or business-oriented outfit. In other words, stay away from anything that can make the photo look older than it is. Just like the men with suits, don't choose bold or distracting colors or patterns.

If you must wear white, make sure it's offset by another layer on top of it like a cardigan or jacket. V-necks look best on women as they accentuate the neck line.

Bare arms should be avoided if possible in a formal setting, but are okay so long as there's a layering option that can be put on top just in case, such as a shawl.

Small jewelry is fine. If you're wearing a good deal of it, you may be asked to remove some since it can take over the picture and create glare. Earrings are great, but shouldn't be too low below the ear.

Well, that depends on what session type you want- Quick, Standard, or Workstyle.

You can have up to 12 participants per hour with a Quick Session, 6 per hour with a Standard Session, or 4-6 per hour with a Workstyle Session.

For Company and Group Sessions, session duration is based on how many participants you have, and the style session you chose: Quick, Standard, or Workstyle.
For the Executive Session, you should set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour.

For Company and Group Sessions, your proofing photos will be available within one to two weeks depending on how large the group size.

For Individual Sessions, the proofing photos are uploaded within 3-4 days.

Absolutely! We have both Full Day and 1/2 day rates. You can submit your request through the Company/Group Session page or Contact page.
All the time! We have clients with multiple offices in multiple states. We're happy to make the trip for you. It keeps the photos consistent across all offices and teams.

Typically, yes! Our goal is to make this as easy on you and your time as possible.

However, if you prefer a session in the studio, it's not a problem. We have our studio in Union Square SF. You'll need to book at least one week ahead of time for a studio session. Our New York studio is only available for commercial shoots at this time.

Yes, we have a wonderful hair and makeup stylist that is available to you.

For Company/Group Sessions, the stylist is available by the day or 1/2 day.

For an Executive Session, each participant is $225.

Of course! We want to come through for you. We suggest at least 24 hours advance notice to ensure you get on the calendar, but we've done session with as little as two hours notice. However, as much as we try and be flexible for you, sometimes the last minute sessions are just too last minute.
Unfortunately, no. Our New York studio is only available for commercial photography. However, we do Executive Sessions in New York City.

There's so much variety outdoors that I typically suggest venturing out for some photos. The midday can be tough if it's sunny outside though- so earlier in the morning, or later in the evening will typically yield better photos.

This doesn't mean you can't get great photos in the middle of the day, it's just easier when the sun isn't smack in the middle of the sky. If it's cloudy out, you can get a great photo pretty much anywhere.

We know things come up, so we try to be as flexible as possible. We'd appreciate 24 hours notice for Individual Sessions, and 72 hours notice for Corporate and Group Sessions.